Name: Steve Taunton
Born: May 15, 1969 in Lachine, Quebec, Canada

Guitars: Washburn N4 Nuno Bettencourt Signature Series, Gibson Les Paul 50th Anniversary Ltd. Edition, Ibanez S470DXQM, Epiphone Slim Semi-Acoustic, Takamine EG334SC, Targa Beater Bass

Amps and Modelers: Mesa Boogie .50 Calibre +, Gallien Kreuger, 2 ADA 2X12 Cabinets, Line 6 POD 2.0 Amp Modeling Direct Box

Drum Programming: Boss DR-3

Recording / Mixing: Fostex DMT-8, Mastered to Harman Kardon CD Recorder / Sony Mini-Disc, Carver Outboard, Edirol Stereo Monitors

Guitarists: Nuno Bettencourt, David Gilmore, Randy Rhodes, Buckethead

Songwriters: John Lennon, Holly McNarland, Roger Waters, Kurt Cobain, Angelo Badalamenti

Lifeline: Suzanne, Jacob and Chloe

Dogs (NothingBoxers): Tyson (and Sharkey - RIP July 3, 2005)

Food: Montreal Pizza, Decarie Hot Dogs (Montreal), Red Meat



I write songs. You’ll most likely misinterpret them. That’s fine. Interpretation is the whole point of writing and listening to music. It doesn’t matter so much what these songs mean to me. What do they mean to you…. If anything?

I had a simple little bio here. Generic and safe and fundamentally meaningless. I wish you could know the irony in that. Maybe you do. Pretty fuckin’ funny.

I am a person of extremes: I love nighttime. I hate mornings. I love people. I hate people. I’m in control. I’m a fucking mess. I’m on top of the world. I’m buried in shit. I’m safe and bland. I’m a runaway train. I am a God. I am Shit.

I’m Broken.

What I’ve done prior to this project is meaningless and insignificant.  As I look ahead to my mid-thirties, I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time on frivolous, insubstantial musical projects in the past. It took me until now to understand what it means to truly be expressive and honest in music. If only this epiphany had come to me in my early twenties. Ah well. What the world truly needs is a breakout artist in his mid-thirties, right?

I’ve struggled immensely throughout this project with writers’ block. My goal is to have 15 – 18 songs demoed in my home studio and ready for selection to be included on the “final” Broken CD, which will hopefully be professionally recorded with my band…. finances permitting.

There is so much more to tell, but somehow I feel this is not the forum for it. If you truly wish to gain a better insight into my world, then listen to the songs and read the lyrics….

and misinterpret them to your heart’s content.