Links --

Braintoy - Incredible heavy prog-rock band featuring Brett Fitzgerald on vocals.
Flirt - Bratty Brit-Pop at its Canadian finest.
Still Nothing - Just check these guys out.... seriously. - Great networking site for musicians and highly unique models who have extensive portfolios of pictures taken in mirrors...
Indiepool - Home of Canada's Largest Independant Music Community.
Official Rage Against The Machine Site - Audiowho? This is the REAL shit
Official Eminem Site - Yeah, Eminem.
Music Lab - Need somewhere to rehearse or record in Austin, TX? Well who doesn't?
Clever Joe's Musicians Resource - A popular musician resource centre for the Canadian and International music industry. 
Band resources, new and used music gear, supplier links, music publications and more. - Source of thousands of great indie bands... and even more shitty ones.